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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Crimson Yuna Guide


Rating: 85/100
Good game short sweet and to the point. The art is also done well.

you mainly have to raise the yellow bar to a certain point which will open up next options that allow you to move on.

Scene: Standing tied up
click the top japanese for suck
click the bottom for another scene (bent over
boobs for grazing
and right click the vagina area quickly to get your yellow bar up

Scene: Bent Over
Click the Top Japanese for grab ass
click the middle to return to (Standing Tied Up) Scene
Click the Bottom for Open Legs
boobs for grazing
and right click vagina area to get yellow bar up


Scene : (Boobs tied up)
click nipples to pinch them
click in between boobs to perk them up
Click japanese for other scene (Butt Scene)

Scene: (Butt Scene)
click butt to squeeze butt
click crack to touch crack
click vagina to rub on it
click japanese for other scene (Bent over naked scene)

Scene(Bent over naked)
click tentacle behind her ass to poke at her
click tentacle between her legs to prod at her vagina
click right boob to suck on the boobs
click top japanese to open her legs a little
click bottom japanese to go to scene (boobs tied up) again


Scene: down naked
click boob to rub them
click vagina to tease it
click top japanese to poke with penis
click 2nd option to go to (bottom view naked) scene

Scene: (Bottom view Naked)
click boobs to rub them
click inner thigh to poke at it
click penis to do something but not sure what
click japnaese option to go to (Groping scene)

Scene: Groping Scene
click boobs to grope
option 1 japanese to rub nips
option 2 takes you back to (down naked) scene
option 3 does a titty fuck
option 4 finish( you will get this option if you have a full bar you do not want to do this yet)
** note you want to go to the down naked scene or bottom view naked scene to click the bottom option to go to next which will be in japanese or else the 4th oti

(a japanese next)

Scene(back fuck)
click butt area to fuck her back
option 1 takes you to (back view fuck)
option 2 takes you (tied up fuck)
option 3 will show up and its just fuck hard
option 4 will show up and its finish

Scene (back view fuck)
click the vagina area to fuck her
option 1 (takes you to tied up fuck)
option 2 (takes you to back fuck)
option 3 will show up and its just fuck hard
option 4 will show up and its finish

Scene( tied up fuck)
click her vagina to fuck her
option 1 (back view fuck)
option 2 ( back fuck)

option 3 will show up and its just fuck hard
option 4 will show up and its finish

click finish when satisfied
you will have to go back to the scene you want to finish on to get all the views.

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

BDSM Dungeon Slave Guide


Interesting Concept but there isn't much to do. the art is okay though and it gives the game some flare.

click these options
I was looking for something harder than usual

click off all her clothes

for the hand
10 hot spots
2 nipples
2 arms
2 legs
area above her vagina

for the whip
you can just kinda click anywhere

for the dildo
2 nipples

for the electric shock
both hands

for the baton
2 boobs

then it will become a click through
in different poses for the rest a period.

Hentai Bliss QG 2


Rating: 65/100
Not a bad game its fun if you actually try or if your lazy just use this guide.

This is a quiz game just click the answers I put for the questions and read through! math what is the derivative of the square root of x^1/2

2. Atomic number of Boron

3. Hp of Yiazmat

4. Animosity is to hatred as

5. Callow is to experience as
Barren : Fruit

6.Tiamat gave kingu how many tablets


Thursday, April 25, 2013

Meet and Fuck Alien Abduction Guide


Rating: 75/100

This is just a demo version :( the full version of Meet and Fuck Alien Abduction has to be played through their site as a member which i believe you have to pay for.

Click on the phone
Dress her the way you like
the options will unlock as you dress her

then you will be in the spaceship
undress her by clicking the clothes.
move mouse up and down till clothes come off
look at bar on bottom to check progress of clothes ripping off

then she will be put on a table
use hand rub arm
use hand outter thigh
use hand inner thigh
use hand nipple
use hand one breast
use hand in the middle of breast for both
use hand in vagina

use bumper (last item) on stomach
use bumper on breast
use bumper on vagina

use dildo on vagina
use dildo on anus

after that you click through the options on the next part
(sorry this is a demo version they now have you sign up :( )

Hope you guys enjoy if anyone knows where to find the full version please let me know and I will make that available.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

J Girl Train Guide


Rating: 85/100

Comments: This game has great art, and was really drawn well for a hentai game. Game is a lot of work because the whole thing is in japanese and its hard to tell what the heck you have to do. I have figured out one girl all the way to the end, and the rest of the girls are basically the same so use this one as a example!

Guide:This game is so broken and hard to figure out.

Rinslett Guide:

So for the first step click the fourth option on the side bar and choose the first dialogue
when you get to 40-50% on your bar choose the 2nd option, and when you're about 80-90% choose the third. This will help you on the first part.

then go for the boobs, you will notice if you hover your icon over the boobs you can use the mouse scroll to select pinch, rub, grasp softly, squeeze,

You want to be using the grasp softly option on both boobs over.
combo it one side then the next.
(this is probably the hardest part as if your bar does not fill up faster than hers you lose.)
You want to be hitting the super 8 combo which you will see with the flashing boobs for your 8th combo

after that you will do the same for the next option, but this time her bar will go down and you will be safe to explore other options by getting the bar down a little. The super combo should still be boob grabs, but with a different animation.

Third you will want to pinch her nipples and grasp her boobs. this part is relatively easy as the same occurs.

After that the same thing you want to pinch her nipples and finger her, or just pinch her nipples.

Last part you can literally do whatever because the super combo is finish. with the top choice being on her face and the other seems to be inside.


Cheat: (SPOILER)
If you do not wish to cheat please do not use this option, but comeon if you're still reading we all know what you want.

If you go to the main menu and click near the tip of the highest flame it will unlock all the images in the gallery! have fun.

Iincho 3 Guide


Rating- 58/100
Game is a bit bland and the art style is a little in bad taste. But there are times when the art seems to shine, however the girls are not drawn very well.

This is a click through choice game in Japanese.

First Choice
Picking the top choice
If you pick the top choice first she will take off her panties

Picking the bottom choice
She will suck your dick

Second you play a pong game

tips: like any pong game you want to hit it at the tip of your bar so that it launches at an angle that bounces off the walls.

Winning :
You will have a threesome

Losing in tennis
Then you will play a pong tennis game if you lose your character will lick the other girls pussy and it is game over

Third Choice is to cum inside or out

top is inside
bottom is outside

Game ends

Sex Training 7 Urinary (Creepy Name)


About: This is a click through game meaning you just click through the scenes as they progress on the progress bar.

Game is pretty straight forward and somewhat erotic,

You first just click through 4 different sex scenes.

After that you will move your mouse quickly from left to right and you will cum.

A scene ensues.

and the game ends!

Enjoy this game and let us know in the comments if there are any games you want to see!