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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Lavindor Kingdom

its a simple question and answer game but if u read the story it might turn you on.
story ( 9.0/ 10)
fun factor (8.0/10)
Overall (9.2/10)
answer order (they come in sets of three so answer from this order.)
ask who she is
ask what he needs
say ur a free man
say its not my problem
(click the pictures to continue. takes a few minutes)
then ull be at lavindor,
go to queens chamber, talk to the chracter
ask her for her name,
tell her ur name
ask to see the queen
say u will show ur appreciation
calf,thigh, butt,boob, nipple, pussy,anal
then u will have to click agian, (another few minutes)
go to the queen,
ask to talk about ht eking
tell her its not possible to bring back potency,
say u cant heal husband but u can handle her desires,
(click through agian)
now go to the bath
ask to wash up
tell them your name
ask for a threesome
and tell them ull bring friends
go to the princess chambers tell the guard your about to have an orgy
tell him to forget about the princess
say damn sexy sluts are waiting fo rus
(another cliking thing) (this lands u the oil)
go visit the princess
say good morning
say ur the sex trainer
say ull teach for her future
(click through again)(gets you virgin lock of hair)
go to the garden
compliment the flowers
continue to compliment
give them your honey cream
(click through this time you gotta do the calf up to pussy thing again but to 3 girls and the 2 farther right girls go arm first)(then normal click through)
dont need to fuck them all tho just click back but u have to go through them all( this gets u a root)
now go to the tavern
say elves are beautiful
ask for her name
say she has nice eyes
give her a brooch
ask for a date
(click through)(gets the milk)
go the the inn
tell her ur name
ask for a room
say u have no money
say ur a handy man
say u can pleasure her
(click through)(gets u candle)
now go to the forest
tell her she looks beautiful and she doesnt look like a witch
tell her ur name
say u want her to read ur fortune
give her candles
(click through) gotta pull her skirt up and shirt down to get through this one
(gets u raven feather and potion!)
now go to king
(win the game)


  1. How to pull her skirt up and shirt down (witch)?

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