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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Sim Girl v4.1

History- Ever since its big hit almost 7 years ago the expected update finally came, but the endings for all the girls was never created. But why not enjoy the game still :).

Motive- Try and win the girls hearts by buying them items, dating them , etc..... Its like real life but methodic and a little more simple.

to the ending movie
Difficulty- (9/10)
Fun (10/10)
Overall (9.7/10)

Note- this was not crated by me and this game takes a long ass time to beat.
# Starting the Game and a Brief Guide to the World of Simgirls.
******At any point in time, if there turns out to be something I missed or something that should change in this walkthrough, I will edit this first post to reflect the best possible guide to Simgirls at that time. I will post the version up top and last edit date of the walkthrough at the bottom of the post every time I edit it.******
If you have problems with buttons not working during the game, make sure that caps lock is off. Also make sure you are NOT using Firefox if playing the 99megastore version of the game. If you are playing the Newgrounds version don’t worry about it.
Before reading this guide, keep in mind that the walkthrough contained here is not the only way to do things. There are beginning decisions that affect how you play the game and spend some of your energy. This walkthrough guide tries to give as much general help as possible, but only follows a single path completely and thoroughly. Below the first few questions you will be asked and their effects on the game are explained. If you do not choose the options this walkthrough asks for, you will not have the same game play as everyone else.
Creating Your Player Character: Part 1In the very beginning of the game, you are asked several things. On one screen, you will be asked what type of character you would like to play as. You have four options, listed in order from left to right:
Criminal: Criminals are good at strength. The differences in game play are:When studying you can only get 5-9 knowledge each time.When having sex for charm you can only get 5-9 charm each time.When training for strength you can get 15-19 strength each time.When working as a drug dealer, you only have a 5% chance of getting caught (instead of a 15% chance for everyone else).When working as a Tutor, your wage is decreased 20%
Playful: Playful people are good with charm. The differences in game play are:When studying you can only get 5-9 knowledge each time.When having sex for charm you can get 10-14 charm each time.When training for strength you can get 10-14 strength each time.When working as a Salesman, your wage is increased by 30%When working as a Tutor, your wage is decreased 20%
Note: No, Playful does not make you any better at talking to the girls. Only your stat levels do, and although charm does more than others, if you don’t up your charm you are as good with the girls as anyone else who starts the game. More on how exactly these stats compare when talking to the girls can be found in the Relationships: Kotomi and Tomoko section.
Intelligent: Intelligent people are…. well….. ummm…. what’s the word…. uh……… Idea intelligent! (This is the type you will need to pick to follow the Walkthrough after this introduction) The differences in game play are:When studying you can get 15-19 knowledge each time.When having sex for charm you can only get 5-9 charm each time.When training for strength you can only get 5-9 strength each time.When working as a Tutor, your wage is increased 20%
Casual: Casual people are more balanced in all stats. The differences in game play are:When studying you can get 10-14 knowledge each time.When having sex for charm you can only get 5-9 charm each time.When training for strength you can get 10-14 strength each time.When working as a Tutor, your wage is not affected. The rest of the jobs you have the same penalties/ rewards as the types not best suited for that job.
On the next screen, you will be asked to give a name, height, and weight. Whatever you decide to put down will not affect game play or whether or not the tutorial will work for you.
Beginning the GameAfter you complete this screen, you will go through a sequence and wind up at the high school. Here you can have things and characters explained to you. It is not necessary to do anything here, and you may either look around for as long as you want, or exit immediately. People you can have explained include Ryuji, Ami, and Kotomi by clicking on them. You can also click on the door to the left to enter the classroom. Here is where you will study during the game. You study by clicking on the books on the desk near you, however right now Tomoko is blocking your view of that desk. In the classroom you can click on Akira or Tomoko to have them explained to you as well.
After you exit, you will see the main beginning sequence of the game. You may watch it or press the x on the screen to skip it.
Creating Your Player Character: Part 2Once the movie has ended, or after you click the x to skip, you will be at another screen, where you will be asked to assign 27 points split any way among the 3 basic stats:
Strength- Strength affects how much damage you do in battle, and how fast you are in the pool. It also will increase how fast your relationship points increase when interacting with Tomoko or Kotomi. (For the Tutorial, put all stat points on this stat, giving you a total of 28 points of strength). This stat also increases the amount of money you receive when working as a Drug Dealer. Working as a Drug Dealer will pay you 5.0 times your strength points (paid in dollars), but it takes 50% of your daily energy to work, AND drug dealing risks you getting caught and having to pay 15.0 times your strength points for a lawyer! That’s 3 times what you would earn!
Knowledge- Knowledge affects how well you do on tests, and whether or not you get a scholarship on tests or not. Remember that the better you do on tests the more relationship points you will gain with all the girls. And if you do poorly you will lose relationship points. Knowledge also will increase how fast your relationship points increase when interacting with Kotomi (and slightly with Tomoko). This stat also increases the amount of money you receive when working as a tutor. Working as a Tutor will pay you 2.5 times your knowledge points, but it takes 35% of your daily energy.
Charm- Charm affects how well you talk to the girls. While this effect could have a few unknown effects (only Sim Man knows), it is the main stat that increases the relationship points you gain when interacting with either Tomoko or Kotomi. It will also increase the amount of money you receive when working as a Salesman. Working as a Salesman will pay you 1.5 times your charm points, but it takes 45% of your daily energy to work.
After you assign your stat points, you will end up at the bird’s eye view of the city. If you look in the upper right hand corner, you will see two items, a cell phone, and a PDA.
* The cell phone is for calling and receiving phone calls from Tomoko and Kotomi (once you have gained enough relationship exp with the girl to do so). You may also call Ami, although she will never call you. It costs 5En (En=energy) to make phone calls to a girl, however, if they call you, and you answer the phone, you do not lose any En. Keep that in mind. More on the phone is explained later, in the Relationships: Kotomi and Tomoko section as Note 5.
* The PDA has many uses. It has a help menu for a brief guide to the game from Sim Man, a “to do” calendar which keeps track of all the special events over the next 100 days, and a status button to look at your progress in the game (can also press space bar at the bird’s eye view of the city to see your status). Try to keep track of the days and what events are coming up.
Back to the same bird’s eye view of the city, you will see there are a number of buildings.
* Home: The southern-most building, this is where you sleep when you run out of energy each day. On the computer you can check your puzzle pieces you have collected from Tomoko on your dates with her (6 total). These are obtained by having successful dates where you fill her bar completely and kiss her. Also a basement where you will later find Karin and care for her (more on Karin in the Relationships: Karin section).
* Fukoma High: Your school. Its right next to your house. Here you can talk to the girls in the hall. You can also take tests, study, or talk to Akira in the classroom. Finally, you can swim in the pool, and get the trophy by coming to the pool on Swimming Contest days and beating Ryugi (which also greatly increases your relationship points with all girls). Excluding the Swimming Contests, it will be mandatory to show up here whenever there is a school event. These events are on your PDA on the To Do calendar in blue.
* City Hall: Here you can use your energy to work. You can use your charm as a salesman, intelligence as a tutor, or strength as a drug dealer. You can also use the model manager to add popularity to your girl of choice. Popularity will determine who prom queen will be, and without your interference, Tomoko will win. Your girl will gain popularity based on how good she looks, which you can improve at the pink screen that you start off every day looking at. More on model manager in the Models sections.Here you will also find all the special events you must go to. These events are on your PDA on the To Do calendar in red. During the days of the KOF Cosplay, Rave Party, Auto Show, Game Show, and Fireworks Festival, you must go to City Hall for the events.
* Mall: This is where you can buy Flowers, Teddy Bears, Diamond Rings, Coffees, Handkerchiefs, and Medicines. The first three are used as gifts to your girls. The last three are to stabalize the status of your girl on dates, help you in fights and swimming, and to keep Karin healthy in your basement. Everything but Teddy Bears is used as parts for Ami’s time machine. You can also come here on a Sunday to meet Tomoko once Tomoko is your close friend (starting with the Sunday on day 35) During this event you will get Karin’s neclace back.
* Mystic Shop: Here you can do a number of things. First, you can save / load your game at the Starlight of Hope. Second, you can find out which items you must obtain to increase your relationship with the girl in the shop, Sana. You can also give her those items once you obtain the full set each time. For which items you need and where to get them, check out the Relationships: Sana section. Finally this is the place you will need to go to when Ami dies, to beat the crap out of the animated version of the creator of the game, Sim Man. More info on the fight with Sim Man in the Fighting: Sim Man section.
* Pub: Here you can have sex for more charm, train for more strength, or use your strength to fight people! More info on fighting people in the Fighting: Tutorial section.
* Ami’s Home: Come here on Sundays to work with Ami on her time machine! You will need it if you want to get the good ending with Ami (currently the only complete ending in the game). More info on Ami and her time machine in Day 07 of the tutorial.
* Kotomi’s Home: Once she is your girlfriend, you can come here. You can play her mini game, but no, you cant win, and it really does nothing yet. Once you have enough points for lover, you can come ask her to do something H and she will become your lover if you succeed in the subsequent quiz.
* Tomoko’s Home: Once she is your girlfriend, you can come here. You can play her mini game for extra cash, and once you have enough points for lover, you can come ask her to do something H and she will become your lover if you succeed in the subsequent quiz.
Now, on to the tutorial
A Guide to Sim Girls as an Intelligent Player CharacterWITHOUT use of lucrative glitches or bugs for version 4.1 Beta
By following this guide you will finish the game with everything accomplished, however not all of this needs to be done and this is not necessarily the fastest way to beat the game. Also, use of the save game feature at any point in time is not mentioned, however would not change anything about the guide itself. Therefore use of the save game feature is ok at the player’s discretion. Depending on how good you are you may accomplish much more or less than the guide says you should. However do not fret, the guide, if done perfectly, leaves many, many days with nothing to do because you have done everything. So if you fall behind the days do not worry.
First off, if you play using this as a guide you will need to pick INTELLIGENT as your character type and after the beginning movie you must put all your stat points into the strength stat. If you do not do this, this tutorial will not be best for you but you can still find helpful information here.
Raising Stats: Maxing IntelligenceDay 01-06: go to school, go to the classroom, and Study (-50En, +15-18 Knowledge). You will have between 180 and 200 knowledge by the end of day 6. 200 is your current maximum for all stats, so you will not need to study again for a while if you reach 200. If you are not an intelligent player character, it will take you a considerably longer time to complete this step.
Sundays: Time Travel 101 for Relationship Points with Ami
Sundays will be partially spent with Ami, for 5 Sundays. Which Sundays is up to you, it really doesn’t matter, however if you want to achieve the only complete good ending so far, you must bring the right supplies to her on each Sunday (all supplies can be bought at the mall). You will need:
20 Coffee cans on the first Sunday visit.20 Handkerchiefs on the second Sunday visit.20 Flowers on the third Sunday visit.10 Medicines on the fourth Sunday visit.5 Diamonds on the fifth Sunday visit.
If you don’t have these items when they are needed, you will simply waste 60 En talking to Ami and she will tell you what you need to bring her. Once you’ve built the time machine, you have done everything you need to for your relationship with Ami, for info on getting the good ending with Ami, go to the Endings: Ami section.
Day 07: The first Sunday. Head to the Mall. Buy 17 Coffees (-$170). Go to Ami’s house and work with her on the time machine (-60En). Go to City Hall and Tutor (-35En). If you want, use the last 5En to call Ami, although you won’t get anything for calling her so no point.
Raising Stats: Swimming for Strength and CharmDay 08 - 10: Go to the mall. Buy 10 Coffees. Today is the day you start swimming.
You should have 28 strength points since you put all your points into strength at the beginning. Choose the C Grade (for kids). After reading the instructions, once you click on the “I am Ready. Let’s go!” button at the bottom of the instructions, the girl will say, on your mark…… set……. GO! As soon as you see the figure of the girl leave the middle of the screen and the characters appear in the pool, press “h” on your keyboard (cap locks off). At the bottom of the screen is the button with the words in bold “push to swim” written above it. Click it as rapidly as you can until your energy is almost expended. As quickly as possible, press “h” on your keyboard to leave hyper mode, and move your mouse to the picture of the red Coffee can. Click on it once, and you should get about 60-70% full bar of energy. Then press “h” on your keyboard again (all as fast as you can manage) and start clicking rapidly on the swim button again. Repeat until you win. Do not worry about the fog. If it fills up its ok, and unless you are not in the lead you needn’t worry. There will be no need for a Handkerchief if you are a medium or fast clicker. Once you reach the end of the pool in first place, you win (+$100, +5 charm, +5 strength, -50En).
You still have 50En left.Now go to the mall. Fill up on Coffee again, for option #1 get up to 15 Coffee cans, and for option #2 get just 10.
* #1- if you are an extremely fast clicker or good at this game, then this is the race for you at these strength values:1-20 str: D Grade21-40 str: C Grade41-85 str: B Grade86-130 str: A Grade130-300 str: S Grade
You should have 34 Strength. Over the next two days, you will enter the B grade when you decide you are ready. This will be trickier. *When you stop for Coffee, try to stop when you have only a sliver amount of energy left. Then drink 2 Coffees at a time if you need to. Go back to hyper mode and repeat. Speed is of the essence so don’t try this if you aren’t very fast. You may also need to use the Handkerchief.*
*This applies to every race you compete in*
* #2 if you are a medium or not so fast clicker, then this is the race you should go to for the following strengths:1-35: D Grade36-70: C Grade71-105: B Grade106-150: A Grade150-300: S Grade
You might need to use the Handkerchief more often. If you are in a close race with the computers use your Handkerchief when you get fogged. If you need to, when you stop to refill energy use 2 Coffees to get a full bar of energy so you can maintain or get the lead. Try to lose as few as possible races because you will lose 5 charm every time you lose a race.
Now, don’t forget to restock on Coffee and also any Handkerchiefs or meds you use over the next few days.
Special Event: KOF Cosplay: on day 10 you will need to go to city hall and vote for a girl in the KOF Cosplay. The girl you vote for will increase in relationship points with you by 50. Since Kotomi is twice as easy to get as Tomoko, and Ami is not necessary to vote for, vote for Tomoko. This serves as an icebreaker for you and tomoko and the next time you talk to her you can click ASK to find out her name (more on this later- don’t do it yet). Continue swimming before or after the event.
Day 11- 13: continue swimming. You should find your own pace, as the speed at which you can click and your hand eye coordination make a big difference in how fast you level up in the swim tournaments. The overall goal is not to lose or lose as very few times as possible. It’s better to win something than lose something, so if you aren’t sure how good you are only move up a level when you feel comfortable with doing so.
Day 14: Sunday #2. Go tutor once at City Hall, and then go to the mall. In addition to the Handkerchiefs you need for swimming, buy 20 more Handkerchiefs (-$400). Go to Ami’s house, and help her build the next part of the time machine.
Day 16-18: Continue swimming. At the end of day 18, if you are fast enough, you might have 187 strength. However no hurry, you will have PLENTY of time to train strength, so remember, the main goal is not to lose.
Day 19: The day before your first big exam. You need 50 Knowledge for this exam, but you should have near 200, so you won’t have any problems. However, Ami asks to study with you. Do it, for the relationship points with Ami and for the extra 20 knowledge you acquire, even if you have already maxed out at 200! Afterwards, go swim. For those of you fastest fingers in the west, you will now have 197 or 200 strength. Nicely done!
Day 20: the day of the exam. Go to school, and take the exam. Afterwards you will still have all your energy. Now here is where I will stop coaching you on the stats. Everyone should either be working on strength or done, but should have a handle on it. Keep using days to swim until you are maxed at 200 strength, whenever that is. At that point, which is today for some of you, go to the pub, and have sex 5 times to increase your charm. If you managed to not lose any swimming races, no matter which day you get 200 strength on, you will get 200 charm in one day by having sex. For the sake of simplicity, do not take on any of the new tasks in day 21 and beyond until you have maxed your stats (this excludes Karin, you must take care of her). And once you do max stats then you are done with your stats until you level up in the dates. However, don’t worry about that…. Just sleep, and dream about girls with white armor and a gun….
Day 21: it wasn’t a dream. She is back! You acquire Karin during this sequence, and she becomes your pet cat in the basement! Yay for you! Now, go to the mall and buy 20 flowers (-$1000). Then go to Ami’s house and help build the spaceship again. Now you can either go tutor if you need some money, or have sex 3 times in pub for some charm. You could also go to all to girls three times. However for simplicity’s sake the girls are explained for the day after tomorrow, allowing for a final touch up of all your skills to max before moving on to other tasks.
ok, so lets recap what you have done so far if you’ve been following this guide to the letter. Today, you should have:
Strength: 150-200Knowledge: 200-220 (180-200 in first 6 days, 20 more when studying with Ami)Charm: 100-200Money: a few thousand dollars at least.
Relationship points with Tomoko: 150 (0 to start, 50 for voting at the cosplay, 100 for acing test)Relationship points with Kotomi: 120 (20 to start, +100 for acing test)Relationship points with Ami: 3550 (1000 each Sunday day 7, 14 and 21, 350 at beginning, and 200 on day 19 studying)Relationship points with Karin: 0 (just acquired her as your pet)
Day 22: For most of you its back to the water, but for some of you its time to move on to the next task. When you wake up, do not skip the pink screen. Notice you can control two girls on the screen now: Ami and Karin. This feature allows you to make a very large amount of money. Since at this point everyone can choose different things to focus upon, please see more about this feature in the Models: Training Your Models.
For those of you not going back to the water, if you still need charm have sex for it, and then go to the mall. Buy 3-6 bears. Now depending on how much sex you had you could have anywhere from 0-100En, so if you have 0 sleep, and keep training charm until the day it is maxed. Then move on to the next section below. Day numbers only represent the really quick growing players, who have done close to the best possible in this game so far. If you are a few days behind, don’t mind the day numbers just look at the sections in the rest of the walkthrough as you see references made to them, and try and take on as many tasks as you can. Remember to check your ‘to do’ list on the PDA, and if an event is coming up go to the guide to that event in this walkthrough in the Events section. That section will be the only place you will find descriptions of what to do on certain days, other than a continuation of this tutorial in the Relationships: Kotomi and Tomoko section. Other than that you can just follow this guide at your own pace.
Relationships: Karin
Karin is now in your basement, and you need to take care of her. Every day she loses a little energy and gets a little dirty. Use Handkerchiefs to clean her and use Coffee to give her more energy. Do not forget about her. If you neglect her for a while she will have crap all over her and will start losing health. You will need medicine to restore her health at this point, and when her health is zero she will die (she will NOT come back, no matter what you do).
To improve your relationship with her, you must first get Tomoko to be your close friend. This is described in the next section, Relationships: Kotomi and Tomoko. Once you are her close friend, on some Sunday after that, go to the mall. You will see a sequence where you will reacquire Karin’s necklace that you lost to Ryugi earlier. Go to Akira, your teacher in the classroom. She wants you to beat the Bloody King. For information on how to do this, see the Fighting: Bloody King section. Once you beat him, see Akira, who will then take the necklace. Come back 10 or more days later, and get the necklace back. Then you will see a sequence with the necklace,
Relationships: Kotomi and Tomoko
Here is the description of how to generally interact with Kotomi and Tomoko, as well as a specific guide leading you along in your interaction as an example. This is the last section where you will find a day mentioned in order, and the only other section you will find references to certain days is in the Events section.
Note 1: Remember to check the pink screen when you wake up every day so you see when a girl becomes maxed out in the stat you are training her in. Once that happens, move her schedule to the next cheapest stat, which next time will be Knowledge. Have the girl go to the library at that point to train knowledge for -$100 a day. I won’t mention this plan again simply because it is not necessary to remind you the exact day each girl will max out a stat. There is no time crisis here, and you still might be training strength so relax. For more information on this screen, see the Models: Training Your Models section.
Note 2: when talking to either Kotomi or Tomoko, your current stats affect how many points you get just for spending the 20 energy to initiate a conversation with the girl. This is very detailed just for those who are interested.
Tomoko: when you talk to her, each stat counts as follows (per point):Charm (main relationship stat)= +0.07Strength (Tomoko’s secondary relationship stat)= +0.02Knowledge (Tomoko’s unimportant stat)= +0.01
So, when talking to Tomoko with 1 Charm, 1 Strength, and 1 Knowledge, you gain 0.1 in relationship every time you talk -_-.
Kotomi: when you talk to her, each stat counts as follows (per point):charm (main relationship stat)= +0.14Knowledge (Kotomi’s secondary relationship stat)= +0.04strength (Kotomi’s unimportant stat)= +0.02
With Kotomi, everything is doubled, and the secondary stat is switched with the unimportant stat because Kotomi likes Knowledge and Charm not Strength and Charm.
Example: So given the following stats:
Strength 12Knowledge 11Charm 14
you would get +1.33 relationship exp every time you talk to Tomoko.You would get +2.64 relationship exp every time you talk to Kotomi.And every time Ryuji is there, you get the relationship exp bonus for your stats, but with a constant -5.00 relationship decrease because he is there.
Once you leave the school itself, any decimals are removed from your relationship score. SO if you talked with a girl and you get 1.99, and leave, you end up with only 1 relationship point.
Note 3: Ryuji might be talking to her. Once a girl is your girlfriend, you can fight him if he is already talking to the girl. If you do not (or cannot) fight him, you will lose 5 relationship points with the girl, however you will still gain any relationship points you would have gotten for just talking to her anyways (these are the points you gain from your stats, elaborated in Note 2 above). If you DO fight Ryuji, you can get more relationship points with the girl, the amount of which is based on how many points you get as you beat the crap out of him.
Day 23 or the point at which your stats are maxed: From this point on you will now be focusing on how to woo the girls. How much money you have is not certain, but you will not be needing to take any of them on dates quite yet, so money will not be a big issue. Your main focus is to become the close friend of Kotomi and Tomoko, at which point you will enter the Dating[/b] part of the walkthrough.
Let’s start with Tomoko. Firstly, she should have 150 relationship points with you, so you should be able to talk to her and have her immediately have 170 relationship points with you. When you click the talk button, she should respond with a statement that ends with“(Well he is okay I think)”
Click on ask. You ask her name and level up. Click on talk again, and she might ask you if you remember her last name (Saeki). Answer correctly for some points. If you didn’t get asked the question she should respond with a statement that ends with“(oh he is cute!)”
If you did answer the question, talk to her again and she will say the above statement. Then click the ask button again. You ask her phone number (866-656-7354) and she levels up to [color=orange]good friend. Click talk again and she might ask you her number, and if you answer correctly you get 50 relationship points. Click give to give her a bear too, and you should get 90 relationship points for doing so. Now exit the school. Tomoko will meet you after school, and an event will play out. What you say at the decision points makes no difference, so don’t worry about it. Afterwards, come back to school or go sleep if you need to and then come back. Talk to Tomoko again, and click give to give her another bear. At this point you definitely should have 350 relationship points. Click talk and she should respond with a statement that ends with“(he is pretty attractive…)”
Click ask and she should level up to close friend (as well as give you her birthday, Nov. 21). Click talk again to see if she will ask you what her birthday is for points. Also, if she asks if you like her always respond with B. “Yes I do!” and you will gain relationship points. As soon as you leave school, Tomoko may call you on your phone. Click on the phone, then click send to talk to the girl. If you miss the call, you lose quite a bit of relationship points. If you get the call you gain some.
Read the following notes pertaining to relationships before proceeding:
Note 4: Random Phone CallsFrom this point on, if you stay in the map bird’s eye view of the city, there is a chance a girl who is a “good friend” or better will call you. So, if you are taking some time to read this tutorial while playing, always be ready to go back to the screen and click on the phone when you hear it ring. Then click send to talk to the girl. If you miss the call, you lose quite a bit of relationship points. If you get the call you gain some.
Note 5: How Do I Look?After either Tomoko or Kotomi becomes your good friend, they may ask the question, “How do I look?” when you click the talk button.IF they are your good friend, pick answer C. Good as usualIF they are your close friend, answer A. Fantastic!IF they are your girlfriend, answer B. Dam you look sexy
Note 6: Always Talk!After becoming a good friend of either Tomoko or Kotomi, whenever you click on a girl to interact with her, always talk with her to see if she has any questions to ask of you, or anything that she will tell you (most of which can be found in the stats I provided down below in the Dating: The Basics section). However, if she is your close friend, talking to the girl is the only way to find out what weekday she is free (from now on there is a chance that she will tell you). And always try to give them a gift, I recommend a bear. Also, once a girl is your close friend you can only level up in dates. When we get to the section where you should go on a date, the dates will be explained thoroughly.
Now, if you still have energy, talk to Kotomi this time (if you don’t have energy sleep and then do this). Make sure you have some bears with you. Go through the same routine with her as with Tomoko. Since she is your new friend, talk once, and your relationship points should increase quite a bit. Hit the talk button, and she should respond with a statement ending with“(he is cute)”
Click ask to level up and get her number. Click talk to see if she will ask you what her number is (866-731-8410). Give her a bear, and click talk again. If you have more than 350 relationship points she should respond with a statement ending with“(he is attractive…)”
Now click ask again to level up and learn her birthday. Click talk to see if she will ask you her birthday (Aug. 29), and then talk again to see if she will tell you what weekday she is free. Leave the school, and an event will happen with Kotomi.
Now both girls are your close friend and will date you. Go make sure you have at least 1 of each item that is sold at the mall (flower, bear, ring, Coffee, Handkerchief, medicine).
If you still have energy that’s great, go to school. If you don’t, sleep. If you sleep this time, follow the instructions in the next paragraph. If you go on a date first, follow the dating instructions from Dating: The Basics the page then sleep and follow the instructions in the next paragraph.
After you wake up from sleep, on the pink screen you can now organize the schedule for all 4 girls. Since Karin and Ami are already at the temple (or a different place if they are maxed in luck already), put Tomoko and Kotomi in temple as well. Now you must watch for maxed stats each morning for all 4 girls, and change the schedule once the statistic is maxed out.
Now,You are ready to date!
Dating: Setting up the Date
You are now ready to date. If you know the weekday one of the girl’s is free, click on that girl and click date, and enter the number for the weekday they are free. If you do not know the weekday one of the girl’s are free, let’s start with Tomoko. Talk to her, and click talk (if she asks you a question, answer appropriately and talk again). She may tell you which day she is free. If she does, click date, enter the number for the day she is free. If she does not tell you, click date and guess. If you are wrong, try again. The day she is free only changes after you have a date, so even if you try Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, and then you are out of energy and have to sleep, when you wake up, her free day is still either Thursday or Friday.
If she is free on the day you entered, you will automatically be taken to a screen where you have 6 date spots possible (4 for Kotomi). The next section explains how to be successful on your dates.
Dating: The Basics
Don’t kiss the girl until you’ve managed to make her blush. She will only kiss you once she is ready to become your girlfriend. However, you can still have a successful date. To do this, you must first stabilize her condition, then you can give her a gift, answer her questions, and take a photograph to try and make her blush. Even then if you haven’t gotten her relationship points up to the girlfriend level, you won’t achieve a kiss. So for the first few dates, keep in mind that if she doesn’t blush, don’t kiss her.
1. To stabilize her condition, make sure you have at least one Handkerchief, one Coffee can, and one bottle of medicine. Look at her and check to make sure she is not in need of a Handkerchief for her make-up, a Coffee can to wake her up, or meds to help her cause she is sick. Once her state is normal (or if it already is), the “Her Mood” status bar will show the middle third of the bar is highlighted. This is the starting point for the real “date” part of the date.
2. talk to the girl, and answer her questions correctly three times. You can find out what the answers to all the questions are below, where the stats for each girl are listed.
3. Then give her an appropriate gift according to the place you took her to. You can do this before or after you talk to her. You can find out what is the best gift for each location in the Dating: Locations section.
4. take a photograph of her. Again, you can do this before or after you give her a gift or talk to her.
5. If she is blushing, kiss her. If she isn’t, leave, you should still have had a successful date with her.
6. if your date is kidnapped by some bad dudes, fight the guys. It shouldn’t be too difficult, read the Fighting: Tutorial and Fighting: Snake Man sections.
Example: Go to the sleeping forest. Once there, they may be sleepy, crying, or feeling sick, and you can tell by their picture. Don’t do anything until you return their state to normal by using a Coffee can, a Handkerchief, or a Medicine bottle on them. Once their state is normal, click on talk to talk with them. They will ask a question, and you need to answer correctly to make her satisfied with the date. Then give her some Flowers. Photograph her, then, if she is blushing, kiss her. Otherwise leave.
Here are a couple other tips you should know.
* Exception: I know I’ve said, “Don’t kiss her if she is not blushing” a lot, but there is a time when you can still kiss her if she is not blushing. If you do extremely well in the later dates, you may impress her so much that the bar of mood will exceed its boundaries. The girl stops blushing, but don’t worry, you can still kiss her.
* Remember the day of the first kiss, it becomes a question she will tend to ask you. Especially when you try to close the deal and make her your lover. She will ask many questions and chances are at least one of them will be the date of the first kiss.
Here are the stats of each girl:
Kotomi Takanashi
Phone Number: 866-731-8410Birthday: August 29Favorite Car: 360 SpiderFavorite Colors: Black, Red, Brown, Yellow (order does not matter)Favorite Food: noodle soupFavorite Movie: TitanicFavorite Song: You and MeZodiac Sign: VirgoWeight: 43kgWaist: 53cmHips: 83cmBreast: 84cmHeight: 155cmBlood Type: O
Tomoko Saeki
Phone Number:866-656-7354Birthday: November 21Favorite Car: Carrera GTFavorite Colors: Red, Blue, Black, Pink (order does not matter)Favorite Movie: Love GenerationFavorite Food: SushiFavorite Song: Blurry EyesZodiac Sign: ScorpioWeight: 47kgWaist: 56cmHips: 89cmBreast: 88cmHeight: 163cmBlood Type: AB
Dating: Locations
each location is unique in some way from the other locations, and varies slightly in what will be the best way to woo the girl. Below these differences are explained, as well as the rewards for a successful date with each girl at each location.
* Goldern City (Close Friend): $200
Here you will go see a movie with her. She is likely to get teary-eyed here, but this does not rule out the other effects. The ring is the best gift for this place.
Knuckles- SuccessfulFitness Magazine- Successful Blue Mountain Date (Kotomi)Necklace- Described in Karin sectionChampions Belt- Beat the Bloody King
Success with Kotomi: Gives you the Eyeglasses (Special Item).
Success with Tomoko: Piece of Tomoko’s puzzle
* Oceans Restaurant (Close Friend): $150
She is likely to get sick here. The food is not great quality. However, this does not mean she will not get tired or need a Handkerchief. The teddy bear and the ring are good choices for presents here.
Success with Kotomi: Kotomi not available at this location.
Success with Tomoko: Piece of Tomoko’s puzzle
* Sleeping Forest (Close Friend): $300
Since this is a forest, you should bring flowers as a gift. She is likely to get sleepy here.
Success with Kotomi: You get the Fragrance (Special Item)
Success with Tomoko: Piece of Tomoko’s puzzle
* Blue Mountain (Girlfriend): $500
She wants some flowers here, as it is a very nature oriented spot. She is likely to get teary here as well.
Success with Kotomi: She gives you a Fitness Magazine (Special Item)
Success with Tomoko: Piece of Tomoko’s puzzle, as well as the Fashion Magazine (Special Item)
* Hot Beach (Girlfriend): $300
She will want a teddy bear here.
Success with Kotomi: She gives you a Time Magazine (Special Item)
Success with Tomoko: Piece of Tomoko’s puzzle, as well as the Knuckles (Special Item)
* Space Trip (Girlfriend): $5000
This date costs $5000 dollars, so don’t screw it up. You will want to give her a ring here as well, making this quite the expensive date. But it is worth it. A successful date with Tomoko and you will get a Scouter (I laughed my ass off at this DBZ reference). It will give you all the stats on the girls when you use it. While talking to a girl at school, the Scouter appears as an icon on the screen. Click on it to use the Scouter and get all the information on that girl.
Fighting Tips
Click on the guy in the Pub to initiate fights. Click on the word tutorial to initiate the tutorial. Try that. Now for a few additions.
* you can only use the button for hitting a certain body part when aiming at that body part. Use Q and W on the head, A and S on the upper body, and Z and X on the lower body. Use D to block.
* Q, A, and Z are your standard hit buttons. you use these to attack. attack a number of times in a row in a single area without taking your cursor off their body, and you start a combo. Get enough of a combo, and the opponent will lose their defensives and look defenseless. Continue the same combo, and you will knock them down.
* When you beat on their head, if you combo enough to get them defenseless, try to press W before you knock your opponent down. You will make an extremely powerful hit. This hit is known as the ShoRyuKen (”Sho”=Rising, “Ryu”=Dragon, “Ken”=Fist or Punch), which is referred to in the game as the Dragon’s Punch, and is the most powerful move you have (love the Street Fighter references Very Happy). Remember to keep your mouse cursor on their head, if it moves off they will gain their defense back and will block if you press W then. Repeated hits with your Dragon’s Punch will always be the most effective way to win a battle, no matter who you are fighting. It also takes less Energy than your other special moves.
* When you want to use a little energy, and aren’t in imminent “one more second and I die” danger, use the Hadoken (??? - literally, Surge Fist, occasionally mistranslated per-character as Wave Motion Fist) by pressing and holding down S on your opponent’s upper body. In about a second you will charge and release an energy ball, and knock the opponent down as well as dealing some damage. Feel free to use this time to refill health with Medicines.
* If you can’t spare a second, press X on the lower body. You will perform a Tatsumaki Senpuukyaku (???????- Tornado Whirlwind Kick), which is referred to in the game as a Hurricane Kick. It’s weaker than a Hadoken, but faster.
* Of course, press d to turn on defensive mode, to block and refill health and energy.
Fighting: Snake Man
You can fight this guy in the pub, but you will also have to fight him on the random chance that your girl is kidnapped on your date. Aim for the head, but just keep your mouse on him and do as many knockout combos on him as you can, and you should be good. he doesn’t move that fast, and his weakness is his head, so if you can follow that and Dragon Punch him you should be fine.
Fighting: Ryugi
If you can follow his head, aim for the head, try to keep the cursor on his head, combo headshot him with Q till he looks defenseless, then special headshot him with W. Do this until he dies, and press D to block while you use your Medicines when you need to refill your health.
If you can’t follow his head, aim for the upper body and beat the crap out of him with A, while following his body with your cursor. If you are running under 50% health, press and hold S to knock him down (or do this anyways to deal damage), and then use the spare time to use Medicine to regain health. Remember you can block with D, and try to practice aiming for the head, if you fight sim man, it will be necessary to become proficient with following a character and getting hit combos.
prize for beating Ryugi: You get $1000
Fighting: Bloody King
Same recommendations as with Ryugi. Aim for the head, try to keep the cursor on his head, combo shot him till he looks defenseless, then special headshot him with W. Do this until he dies, and press D to block while you use your medicines when you need to refill your health before you die. You will need lots of Medicine if you aren’t very good.
If you just suck at hitting his head, hit his upper body with A, and when you get to half health press D to block while you use your Medicines to regain health. Repeat until he dies. Use your specials if you want to as well (remember special headshot only works when you combo his head enough times to make him defenseless).
prize for beating Bloody King: You get $3000
Models: Training Your Models
Models: Managing Your Models
You will be required to drive during the Ami ending, and have the option to drive for extra relationship points on dates. You can practice on the Bridge anytime.
To drive, you press the right arrow to start. You will use the right arrow to continue forward and stay in front of the cops. The goal of the game is to get a certain distance away from the cops. Avoid touching the other cars or you will have an accident and automatically lose. If you feel confident enough you can press space to go extremely fast for as long as you hold down space. However, do not overheat your engine. You can monitor you engine heat by making sure the bar in the middle titled “Engine Heat” does not fill all the way up. Once you get far enough away from the cop, you win.
Endings: Ami
Ami’s ending starts on Prom night. Currently, since none of the other endings are done, you will always take her to prom no matter what. If you completed the time machine with Ami, you have a chance at the good ending. If you didn’t, you get the bad ending. For the bad ending, just watch the sequence, game over, you fail. For the good ending, after the sequence where Ryugi tries to kill you and Ami ends up coming to save you, you must go find Ami.
Go to her house, there you will read her diary. After that, you must drive. For instructions on how to drive, go to the Driving section. If you can’t move the car, and you have checked capslock, then you are playing on 99megastore and playing in firefox. You didn’t read my instructions at the beginning of this guide that said not to do this, so sorry, but you can’t fix it. For those of you who can move, you have infinite tries.
Once you make it, you see Ami’s soul in the forest, and you curse Sim Man. Go to the Mystic Shop, and go in the back room. Sim Man will transform, and you must fight him. For help fighting Sim Man, see the Fighting: Sim Man section. Once you beat him, you get the good ending. Yes, that’s all there is for the ending for now, we know its not much and no sex, but there is still the Tomoko movie on newgrounds. Congratulations you won!
Endings: Kotomi and Tomoko
By going on successful dates with Kotomi and Tomoko, you will achieve the necessary relationship points to get them to be your lovers. When you got one to be your girlfriend, you gain access to their house. If you have gone there, you will know that there is a “Let’s do something H” button. If you have enough points to make them your lover, clicking this button will initiate a sequence that is almost EXACTLY like a date.
Before you click this button and make one your lover, know these two things:[list][*]If you intend to make both Kotomi and Tomoko your lovers, you MUST have the other one at girlfriend status before you make one your lover. If the other is lover than girlfriend status when you make one your lover, they will never become your girlfriend since you already have a lover (makes sense, not a glitch).
[*]If you intend to get Sana, get all the Tomoko puzzle pieces, or get a particular item from a successful date in the future, do not become their lover yet. You cannot date a girl once she is your lover, so make sure you get whatever items you want from those dates, before they become your lover.
When you do decide its time to make them your lover, get a ring, a Handkerchief, and click the aforementioned “Let’s do something H” button. Now, in all likelihood they will be tears because of the sentimentality of the moment. Use the Handkerchief like you would on a date. Then if you talk to her like on a date, she will ask you many more questions than she would on a date, and the most likely one to appear is when you first kissed. Proceed like you would on a date, answer all the questions you are allowed to, give her the ring, take a photograph, and if you did everything right, try and kiss her and she is your lover.
Endings: Karin and Sana
Aside from the results you achieve by following the guides given in the Relationships: Karin and Relationships: Sana sections, there are currently no complete endings for these girls (you could consider Sana complete, but we aren’t sure if we are done with her). Karin does not “level up” in any real sense past the maid stage. You can get the points to level her up, but you will only get the “Relationship Level Up!!!” text and the sound.
Set Ami and Karin to have them go to the temple to increase their luck (costs you $80 per day per girl, so make sure you have enough money to cover all your girls when you go to bed each day).


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