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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

trapped girl

Graphics (9.1/10)
Overall (8.9/10)
goal- to get some girl off whos trapped on the window. HA what will they think of next

rub butt with hand
eventually red text bubbles will appear
use pincher to lift skirt be careful tho
make sure your blue bar doesnt go all the way up by switching to hand and grabbing her butt by clicking (rubbing boobs is fastest)
after u pull it up twice use hand to touch her panties
eventually itll stop talking around halfway up the red
pull up skirt more and touch panties again
then take off skirt completely
then pull panties down touch agian
at this point u can use the ropes to put her hands up make sure to keep ur bar low
u can take off her shirt with the pinching motion
now she is naked
use vibrator on exposed pussy to lower your bar

do w/e u want and keep the bar low
gotta use the eggs to win fast
if you want to save her tie the rope and pull on the loose rope


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