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Friday, July 2, 2010

M&F Star Mission

Meet and Fuck Star Mission

graphics ( 9.0)
Fun (8.3)
Overall (8.9)

goal- like all m and f you go around talking to people to have sex and then theres a scene for you to go through

you start in the cargo bay,
go to the sick bay and talk to doctor say your name is chuck
say your head hurts and shell give you some pills
now go to the dining room
say your name is chuck
say yeah thats me
say your suppose to get food
ask for a sandwich
now u got a sandwich
now go to captains room
go to navigator
ask for her name while calling her beautiful
answer anything and shell shoo u away
go to captain
ask for her name
tell her ur name and ask to ask a question
ask how she cant live without men
ask her to try with a real man
tell her to go to your room
tell to switch to auto
now go to engine room
say ur name is chuck
say ur capsule was dmged
say it seems like ur fixing a plasma pump
give her ur sandwich
tell her ull look at the pump while she eats
pretty much all the parts are upside down, the mickey mouse thing goes on top, glass tube in middle the washer goes in the tube and the stick sticks into the washer in the middle of the tube
then u go through a click through
go to captains room talk to her assistant
ask her if we avoided the shwoer
say u helped fix the engine
say shes the prettiest
ask her to show u the state room
you do a clicky rub game , arm first, calf, other arm, thigh, other thigh, tummy, boob, nipple, other nipple, move hand, pussy, now finger,
then a click through,
u will get a vibe
now go to turret
say captain gave u permission
say ull shoot the meteors
say when u were in army u shot this
say u can shoot better than her
say u just need a chance
even if u cant beat it its fine
now go talk to captain
do the click through
now go to the navigator
say she can relax
give her ur pills
ask her to take a break
say u need a massage
now go to cargo room
show her video game
say u plan to keep it
say if u fuck me
say dont u want the game?
click through
now go through the room
you winn!

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