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Monday, August 2, 2010

Vandread love quest

Alright heres a new game finally !
Graphics - 8.0
Fun - 8.3
Overall 8.3

light blue hair:
reads books, watches occ. drama
Target practice/ but loves gymnastics
tough lovers, lots of stamina
spar: soften opp with belly punches
gift jewelry
Gisborn is last name, after gaia gisborn in robin hood. Meia is first?

Jura Basil Elden:
waist = 26
Antique weapons workout
gift sexy clothes
rare steak
likes swords
5' 9
romance movies
40E natural bust

Workout: full auto target shooting
Historical action movies
w 23
5' 4"
likes red meat - but not men's innards
like guns, and copper cookware

Red head: Dina
w 23
hip 35
sci fi
5' 8"
kicks women in crotch
likes smarts
Convo: earth, aliens
gift: ufo keychain
loves stuffed animals

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