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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

seductive swim team rpg

ok this game is relatively new so this guide will be updated a few times as more updates are found but to get this out first so we can help the community!
graphics (8.5)
fun (9.0)
goal- you are trying to train a swim team and score on them while your at it lol funny i know.

at the start of the each day u can train or allow ur girls to rest. I recommend training them the first few days.

in the afternoon u can talk to coaches,

and at night you can woo the girls of course the harder part.

guide- ok its important to trian your girls so have them do some lifting and running and swimming.

If you talk to a girl at night u can keep asking questions evne if you get them wrong so dont worry about failing there talk to every girl to tell u whcih flower they like then when u have it talk to them again then after u get teirh last item u wont need to talk to the again until they win the comeptition.

giving htem candy helps their mood. this can be done by going to candy store in the afternoon on map.
you may want to work a few times or u can go around but the main things are

proably should work so u can have about 2400 so you dont waste your days.
katie will need gerbeas from the gift shop- $80 and a teddy bear 120. after that shell give u a blow job.
julia will want tulips and a music player then u can fuck her.
helen will want roses and a ring

and theres the doctor too and she will want yellow gerbeas
if you do that she will be part of your night time list and she will want a fan

u will need one of the girls to be good at endurance
one at str
and one all around
of course haveing more of either stat helps the swimmer.
as long as u have them doing something and not relaxing daily they will do fine.
if they become tired or moody just give them candy or therapy.

buying doping pills is a good idea but has a chance of being caught.
and u can put laxatives in food during afternoon in the canteen to mess with other coaches. ( i recommend doing htis once or twice.)
go to doctor to get a healing for 100 if they are getting tired
candy increases the mood
if u just use those 2 u can have them swim daily.
u dont eally need to see how other coaches are doing so never try to talk to other coaches just lax their food.

ez win guide!! finally~
have them all swim every day

work the first 3-4 days, talk to each one once every day, then go to candy store buy 6 or 9 candy, one last swim, they should be super low on everything then go to doctors do the therapy, and give them all a candy, now rinse and repeat the training, also use this time to go to gift shop to buy everything which is about 800 money, then talk to girls every nighto complete their sex quest. also visit the doctor to get hers. also go to pharmacy to buy lax and u can do that every now and then by going to talk to coaches then go to canteen and u can do that. doping is not recommended. NRG and mood is not important on last day so no worries. congrats u get all the endings!


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