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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The legend of Krystal v2

graphics(9.0) hand made wow
fun (8.0)
overall (8.1)

Its a relatively easy game but its pretty popular so i decided to put up a guide. it doesnt reallyneed one cuz each char has a cheat button.

all u have to do is press left or right and click through the story really

in order to get all the exp u need u just really go around and do all the sex scenes. With the first character crystal, u walk around doing favors cuz you crash land on these werid place. Click cheat to make things easier so u can see all the scenes. for legit go around having sex, bath in the pool for quicker exp, and then after u hit them all go to the far left and talk to the general. the other are just click throughs.


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